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Customer Focused Culture of Operational Excellence

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Delivery of Excellence

Our second priority defines how we will operate to ensure our customers perceive us to be the leader among science centres. This priority includes goals where we focus on our delivery of excellence and centres on our people.

By 2018, we expect to be an organization fuelled by change ready people who are innovative in our approaches, operations, service delivery, and products. We are greener and keen to share our own experiences with our visitors inside the science centre. Our facilities are in top shape and our visitors enjoy their favourite exhibits at every visit.

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Build a Change Ready Culture

To achieve our Vision of The Leader, our culture and workforce must adapt to change quickly, looking for new ways of doing things, thriving on being “fast” and focused on customer service.

Our people will be excited and embrace new ideas, change quickly; they’ll thrive on process re-engineering not just because it’s a project, it’s a daily way of improving what we do.

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Ensure World Class Facilities

Customers must see us as world class with fresh and well maintained facilities and fully operational exhibits and experiences.


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Optimize Processes, Systems and Technology

We need to make sure we have the most integrated and efficient processes throughout the organization to achieve all of our goals by assessing what we do and making necessary changes when the change will yield a positive ROI.


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Practice Environmental Responsibility

As a Science Centre, we need to lead by example.

We will invest in new green initiatives as well as actions around the way we operate, and the way we communicate this to our visitors. The technology behind green efficiencies will be integrated into visitor experiences.

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